Tuesday, March 25

Shaq Parts the White Sea

Why is it that people always love the big-jolly-goof-balls? Sure we might dislike them for a bit, but we can't just stay mad at them. Once the clock makes its rounds, we'll be standing back up and applauding them.

You know who I'm talking about: None other than Big Daddy Shaq.

The big dude is back. The Suns are putting together a string of wins. Steve Kerr is slowly looking like Tom Cruise. And where the hell are those people who were claiming that Shaq couldn't run with Steve Nash even if his life depended on it?

And even though his Superman sign has been ripped from his large arm and onto the chest of the new Superman, Dwight Howard; Shaq still stomps in with the same seismic waves that he always makes. And I'm just sorry that I had to post this video later than everybody else.

I guess it's true that Shaq was the MVP of the Miami Heat.