Sunday, May 13

In The Land of Far Far Away: Bulls Stay Alive

In the least-watched series (only because LeBron James has a ton of fans):

So much for the perfect playoff record. The Pistons finally had a bad game, and the Chicago Bulls finally capitalized and held firm on the lead for a 15-point win at home on Mother's Day. I was prepared to post about Detroit dominance over the lowly Eastern Conference a few hours before the game started, but it seems that the series will be extended at least a few days longer, just until the next game and its outcome.

Rasheed Wallace: 2/12 3-point FGs.

Bad day huh Sheed? Yeah, we'll get 'em back. You guys also got out-rebounded like crazy. What happened to the bad ass-ness underneath? 51-33 disadvantage on the boards? Nice. Ben Wallace got 17 rebounds. Maybe if he hadn't played, you'd only be out-rebounded by 1.

Congratulations to Ben Wallace for finally plunging in, after only dipping his toe in the water for the past 3 games: 9 RPG for Ben in the 3 losses prior to this win. No, 9 RPG isn't bad really; it's just that after all the money he's being paid along with the countless expectations, it isn't right to disappoint the fans... and the creditors.

Ben will NEED to play at this level for his team to have a fighting chance. The rest of the Bulls will NEED to keep up the same high level of play that they displayed tonight in order to have a fighting chance. Kirk Hinrich will NEED to push the ball and drain his long range shots. Ben Gordon and Luol Deng NEED to find good shots and actually drain wide-open jumpers.

If Rip Hamilton was the bunny from Energizer, then Ben Wallace needs to become the cat from Eveready. I'm assuming that cats eat little bunnies, I don't know if it's true: but I'm sure there are some crazy cats out there. It would be a good idea for the Bulls to feed off the energy of Ben Wallace, only to create some intensity and actually have an atmosphere they can compete in especially if they run on emotions.

However, I don't see the Bulls going any further, and will probably be devoured by the Pistons back in the Palace. I would like to congratulate the Pistons in advance: Congratulations to Rip, Chauncey, Rasheed, Tayshaun, Chris, Antonio, Lindsey, Flip, and the rest of the Detroit Pistons for winning the Eastern Conference title for the third time in four years. It is just a shame to see you guys lose in the finals for the second time in three years. Sorry, but this year's playoffs is predominantly West. But hey, you never know right?

Utah Jazz @ Golden State Game 4 is two hours from now. It should be an awesome game to watch. I'm going to be cheering (and expecting) the Warriors to even the series tonight (convincingly).

See you all later.

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