Wednesday, May 23

Roy Hibbert Investing Brilliantly

Reports have stated the Roy Hibbert will be pulling out from the draft and will be returning for his senior year in Georgetown. Hibbert will be eligible to return to play for Georgetown because he did not acquire an agent, in which if he did, he will be forbidden from playing in Georgetown.

Great move Hibby. You represent the brilliance in patience for investments.

Hibbert will be returning to Georgetown alone without his forward Jeff Green as Green decided to stay in the draft. This means extended responsibilities for Roy Hibbert as Georgetown still has a legit chance to make a run in the NCAA Tournament with the continually-improving Roy Hibbert still around, along with increased minutes, opportunities, and major improvements in statistics. That means major value increase in the prospected draft for next year.

I think Hibbert was waiting for the outcome of the draft lottery to observe which teams would actually need him in their roster. Being a prospected top 10 pick, none of those 10 teams, save for Portland and Seattle since we already know who they're drafting and Sacramento, will actually need Hibbert in their roster. At least not right away. That would indeed hurt his value as an NBA player A LOT. The same scenario happened with Joey Graham and Shelden Williams, who were both drafted by teams already overloaded with the position they play. Now they're stuck in the bench with limited minutes. We don't want that for Hibbert, now do we? Major career roadblock. Such wasted potential, we don't see much 7-2 players around anymore.

Going back to Georgetown and improving his game could actually make him a shoo-in for the top 3 picks next year. That way, it wouldn't really matter if either of those teams actually need him, especially if that specific team is a rebuilding team. They'd practically shake up their own roster to adjust to Roy Hibbert. That's a big plus to his value as a player compared to settling for being drafted around the 4th to 10th pick this year. Being selected as a top 3 next year could mean getting a team built around him. He will be a superstar with loaded contracts for years to come.

Very sly Hibby, very sly indeed.

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Buffalo66 said...

It maybe heresy to say this, esp. as a Hoya alum, but Hibbert is actually much more important to our success than Jeff Green. DaJuan Summers may make up for (some of) Jeff Green's absence - but no one is making up for the 7'2" big guy in the middle.

GTown has a great shot to make another tournament run in 2008.

Anonymous said...

I will admit that I have only seen Hibbert a handful of times (Big East tourny/NCAA tourny/occasional regular season Big East match-up), but I think this is a great decision by Hibbert to stay another year. Next year, I really think he could go #1 overall.

fullcourt said...

Exactly. GTown can't lose their mighty big man, and so can't the NBA. Going top 3, and possibly 1st overall which was given some consideration by some experts, will really create a huge impact for Hibbert. Great choice to wait out another year.

Anonymous said...

great post, especially in hindsight.

superstar for years to come?