Wednesday, May 30

LeBron "Contender" James; Vince "Pretender" Carter

With the off-season just around the corner, and speculations regarding Vince Carter's future have been rapidly increasing; so have the speculations regarding the endless limit of LeBron James' capabilities are as a future-basketball legend (if possible) with his sudden surge in this year's playoffs.

Everybody likes to be "Like Mike", but nobody understands that there's only one "Mike", a million "Vince Carters", and one emerging "King". Our buddy site 100% Injury Rate analyzes the turnout of the once "closest thing to Michael Jordan" and his fall compared to the rising-superstar LeBron James.

Check it out, here's the direct link: LeBron: Future NBA Champ, Vince "the Anti-nique" Carter: Future NBA Chump

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