Wednesday, May 30

Kobe Bryant Blasts Lakers' Front Office

Gee. Kobe Bryant is PISSED.

I just read a bunch of news articles all saying the same thing: Kobe Bryant is furious with the front office. Kobe Bryant just went off on a rampage a few hours ago opening-fire on the Lakers' front office through the radio stations.

The story is that Kobe Bryant signed a 7-year deal with the Lakers back in the summer of 2004 when Shaquille O'Neal and Phil Jackson were let go because he was promised that the Lakers' priority was to build a championship-contending team around Kobe Bryant IMMEDIATELY. Personally, I think the 7-year deal is crazy. I know everybody wants to become the "face of the franchise" by sticking to a team their whole career, but come on man, give yourself some breathing room. After a couple of playoff disappointments, Kobe Bryant had a conversation with Phil Jackson which "opened his eyes". The highlight of the conversation that lit Bryant's ass on fire? Phil Jackson told Kobe Bryant of the reason why he was let go a few years ago: The Lakers wanted to cut back on the payroll and prioritize long-term rebuilding. In other words, considering Phil Jackson's statements were 100% accurate, the Lakers lied to Kobe Bryant. If I was asked to put the words out bluntly, I'd say the Lakers screwed Kobe Bryant in the ass. Personally, I think Kobe Bryant is just frustrated. I don't really think he's angry directly towards the issue of "rebuilding". I don't think he's dumb enough not to realize that the drafting of Andrew Bynum meant waiting for another 5-years of development and playoff disappointments. Kobe is extremely frustrated at another disappointing season, and frustration leads to finger-pointing and wrongful accusations. Although I do agree that the Lakers front office has been a joke, you can't blame them for all that has gone wrong for the team in the past few years. Oh wait, yes you can.

I think this almost guarantees some blockbuster moves in the off-season. Will we be seeing the likes of Jermaine O'Neal and Ron Artest in the Lakers with Kobe Bryant? That looks so damn good on paper. I doubt Kobe can stand another disappointing season after this one. He is spent, and this tirade shows evidences of it.

As of this moment, Kobe Bryant is on a rampage. He already came off two radio stations earlier, at this rate, he'd be on the headline of the United Nation's priority list. Before we know it, Kobe Bryant will be going Chuck Norris in the Lakers' front office.

I admire Kobe Bryant's eagerness to win, but I'd suggest that he take a break. The playoffs aren't even over yet and he's already heating up the off-season talk. Save some steam Kobe, chill out at the beach, or better yet, lie naked in the north pole for a few days to clear your head.

You've got to give credit to the current Lakers roster though. If Kobe Bryant had legit teammates, he wouldn't have made history with 81 points or a few 50-point barrages. I applaud Smush Parker. Bring him back.

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