Sunday, May 13

Utah Jazz: On The Brink of Advancing

Before the game started, I was expecting a Warrior-win. After three quarters, I knew that it would take only a Utah collapse for them to lose the game.

Warrior Woes

When I was expecting a fun Warrior-Jazz game, this was not the type of fun I had in mind. The ball movement of the Warriors was GREAT, for awhile. Too bad they didn't put the ball in the hoop. You cringe every time they find a wide-open three-pointer and either shoot and miss or pass up on it and move the ball as the defense approaches from afar.

I think Doug Collins quoted it best, stating that watching the Warriors tonight was like "watching the Harlem Globetrotters". Once again, I would like to say: they were missing too many shots. If they made even half the shots from their beautiful ball-handling, then my head would be flying up in space from all the amazement.

Did you guys see that alley-oop by Davis for Monta? Too bad it missed. What about that great play where three Warrior players passed up open three-pointers and the ball ended up with wide-open Monta Ellis for a made three-pointer? That was nice. Yes, he made it.

It's great to see Al Harrington taking the ball to the hoop more. It's like watching him back in Indiana, the first time. When he left, he started reverting to three-pointers, even when he came back to Indiana for the second time. I think he's much more effective taking the ball inside and shooting mid-range jumpers, but he does have a deadly three-point shot when given some space. He's developing pretty well. Sadly, he still FORCED too many BAD three-point attempts.

Stephen Jackson was horrible! Despite the 24 points. He turned the ball over too many times in too many crucial moments. That was unacceptable. Jackson continues to struggle in this series. He started well, hitting 3/5 from behind the arc to begin, but mis-fired all following three-point attempts after.

Baron Davis was a non-factor. In addition, that was just a poor cheap shot he hit Fisher late in the fourth quarter.

Jason Richardson was another non-factor, and that flagrant foul was absolutely uncalled for. Frustrations are rising and tempers are flaring, but it's good Okur wasn't hurt (much) in that play.

Jazz In Rhythm

Carlos Boozer was groovy tonight: 34 points, 12 rebounds, 13/19 FGs

The first quarter looked like the game was in line for another Warrior-scoring party. The Jazz however, had other things in mind. The Jazz did a great job AVOIDING and DRAWING fouls, with the free throws keeping them in the first quarter. Free throws also slowed down the tempo preventing Golden State to run.

Utah Jazz played Nellie-ball the first three games, but the tables turned in tonight's game. 49 first half points for Golden State, after scoring 70 first half points last game! Utah Jazz did a GREAT job controlling the tempo, and Golden State Warriors did a GREAT job missing shots. The Warriors played Jazz tempo the WHOLE NIGHT. That was the great undoing for the Warriors.

Charles Barkley was right!

Derek Fisher hit BIG shots down the stretch. Especially the three-point shot he hit with the Jazz down by 1, was the turning point of the game which broke the game wide-open for the Jazz. My props to him.

Each team needed their PG to win the point guard battle in order to win, and it looks like Deron Williams dominated Baron tonight.

Deron Williams: 20 points, 13 assists, 6 rebounds.

Utah is now in position to advance to the Conference Finals. Whether the Warriors win the next game or not, it is highly unlikely that the Warriors are going to be able to come back from a 3-1 series deficit, let alone win 2 games in Utah. It will take a little more magic if the Warriors hope to come back and win. Congratulations to the Utah Jazz for being one series away from the NBA Finals.

Did you guys see Jessica Alba? Who here thinks she's gorgeous? I do.

See you all tomorrow.

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