Sunday, May 27

Singing the Blues

The Jazz won this one easy, 109-83. It looked as though the Jazz were going to lay down dead at halftime, but they gave San Antonio quite a beating in the second half where everything went Utah's way, and crap went to San Antonio's way. So this is what they call home-court advantage.

  • Duncan was having a great shooting night and was on his way to stomp on the Utah Jazz, if only he didn't get into foul trouble and turn the ball over 8 times. Too bad.
  • Tony Parker has been the only consistent Spur throughout this whole playoffs. He kept them alive with 25 points and 7 assists; unfortunately, his partner-in-crime Manu Ginobili didn't do so well.
  • The Utah Jazz beat the Spurs in all statistics except for three: Personal Fouls, where Spurs had 4 more; Turnovers, where Spurs had 7 more; and 3-point attempts, where the Spurs had 12 more but only made 1 more than the Utah Jazz.
  • Andrei Kirilenko and Mehmet Okur were horrible once again; maybe we can give some consideration to Kirilenko even though he scored zip, because he brings a million other things to the court for the Jazz.
  • Yellow is a much better color than blue; if they had to eliminate the Warriors, at least adapt the color. Then I'd be much livelier watching Jazz home games.
  • Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer carried the Jazz once more with monster performances. Too bad they'll fall short on the road, as long as their other starters don't contribute squat. Their bench was tremendous tonight, but I doubt they'd keep it up for the next games.
  • Jacque Vaughn is a human wrecking-ball. If he keeps this up by the end of the playoffs, I'll make a Jacque Vaughn Tribute post remembering all those tackles, dives, and hits he has done for the opposing teams in the past.
  • Does Matt Bonner have piercing elbows? I think they stabbed Deron Williams when he ran into them late in the fourth quarter. I was surprised with Deron sprawling on the floor with such minimal contact. I don't believe Deron to be a flopper nor an actor, so I'll believe that Matt Bonner does have sharp elbows. Or maybe a rock hard body. Nah.
  • I hope Deron was just shaken up, so he can continue demolishing the Spurs next game.
  • Was this the first time in Eva Longoria's career when she was booed by a capacity crowd? I hope they didn't throw nuts and candy at her.
  • Maybe this is deja vu of the Jazz-Warriors series. We'll all be teased into thinking that Utah has a chance to come back after blowing out the Spurs in Game 3, but will later learn that they should have just let Game 3 go to save us all precious time.
Utah played great earlier. They have now earned themselves the opportunity to tie the series at home in Game 4. I think they've regained their confidence with the blow-out tonight, and they'll be carrying that over to the next games. Look for Utah to give the Spurs a run for their money for all the remaining games of the series. If Utah rides this momentum throughout the playoffs, they can beat San Antonio. However, I doubt the Spurs will play this bad again for the next 20 games; and I doubt the other starters of the Jazz will show up any time soon, something they definitely need to win some games.

Spurs in 6.

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