Wednesday, May 16

Nets-Cavs Series: Excitement Beyond Measure

Excitement beyond measure; given that there is nothing to measure.

The Nets won Game 5, forcing a Game 6 back in New Jersey. But that's not the story here...

Here it is: The Nets scored only 6 fourth quarter points; and the Cavs still lost by 11.

Sure, the Nets were up by 19 by the end of the third quarter; but come on, that has got to be the most pathetic scoring display I have ever seen from two opposing teams in a game. The Nets only scored ONE field goal in the fourth quarter with the other 4 points coming from the charity stripe. You'd think the Cavs would actually make a great come back right? How easy is it to thrash the opposing team in a quarter where they only score six measly points right? Wrong. The Cavs scored only THIRTEEN 4th quarter points (3 FGs). That was just a horrible game. I wouldn't blame the fans if they prematurely left the arena or turned off their televisions even if the Cavs were within "striking distance" (I'd estimate 8 minutes left in the game as the satiation point). I do NOT want to see either of these two teams advance to the NBA Finals.

In the latter game: San Antonio Spurs 88 @ Phoenix Suns 85

I refuse to patronize and write about a screw-job that has swindled the NBA fans worldwide out of a classic gut-wrenching playoff series, with two teams giving their very bodies and souls for the glory of basketball supremacy. This is pathetic. If the San Antonio Spurs make it to the NBA Finals, I am going to halt playoff talk and start the off-season news and rumors two weeks early.

Sure, D'Antoni had his short-comings: pulling out Kurt Thomas in the final minutes. But the Suns aren't even supposed to be in that situation had Steve Nash had other offensive options throughout the game. The Suns also stuck to a 6-man rotation (Pat Burke's 3 minutes are not counted) which could have caused their lead to dwindle in the final quarter due to fatigue.

Steve Nash: 6/19 FGs, 12 assists

This is a forgery. This is a travesty. I would rather watch golf.

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