Tuesday, May 15

Jazz Ousts The Warriors 4-1

The Warriors were horrible on the offensive end the whole night, as Jazz once again finished them off for the final time as the advance to the Western Conference Finals.

Monta Ellis started off hot, scoring 12 points early on, but failed to score another point the rest of the way. His minutes were shot down for I do not know what reason.

Stephen Jackson was horrible again tonight, as he was the rest of the series.

S. Jackson: 16 points, 3/17 FGs, 1/7 3pt FGs, 1 Flagrant, 1 Technical

And to think he was the only Warrior who played for over 40 minutes, aside from Baron Davis. All other Warriors were held below 30 minutes! Sure, foul trouble. What about Monta who started the game on fire? I would have rather dug deeper in to the bench and play Jasikevicius rather than playing Jackson after the racket he pulled in the final minutes of the 3rd quarter.

The 4th quarter was horrible to watch. The game was close up until the final minute, which could spell excitement; but the Jazz turned the ball over 200 times and the Warriors mis-fired 500 three-pointers. Here's how the 4th quarter play sequences happened: Warriors steal the ball, Warriors shoot three-point attempt and misses, Jazz rebounds the ball, Jazz turns the ball over on the other end, Warriors shoot a three-point attempt and misses, Jazz rebounds the ball, and so on.

Overall, both teams played absolutely horrible tonight. The only bright spots were the big three-pointers by Derek Fisher and how the Jazz once again slaughtered the Warriors on the rebounds (59-35).

Now let's see how far the Jazz can take themselves, now that they are one series away from the NBA Finals.

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