Thursday, May 31

Spurs Are Kryptonite To Ratings

It is sad but true. The Spurs are officially the kryptonite to the ratings towards anything that is basketball. I tried liking them, I really did. I even wrote a post complementing their deadly guard-combination which has boosted them straight to the NBA Finals; something that caused me to plummet back to Earth. I have come to a conclusion that absolutely nobody, save for the people in San Antonio themselves, care for the Spurs. My post regarding Parkobili got solo-linked by Deadspin yesterday, and it has acquired below 200 hits since then, a far cry from the usual 2,000. It's a first-hand experience in the ratings and popularity an entity can expect from sponsoring the San Antonio Spurs. Let this be a lesson. This serves as an omen for things to come in the NBA Finals. I'm talking about low ratings. Nobody seems to care about the Spurs, not even if it's anything about the only two potentially-exciting players on their roster.

The Spurs have no hope. I guess we can start pondering once more about why they are boring.

The Pistons and Cavs' game is on right now, with Cleveland up 3 with only half a quarter left in the game. It looks like another nail-biter. I'm rooting for Cleveland to win, not only for the rest of the world's sake, but for the NBA's sake. Otherwise, they'd realize first-hand what it means to have your ratings dropped.


James said...

Welcome to the world of NHL Final ratings, NBA! Enjoy the plummet..

Anonymous said...

Dude NHL Final ratings and NBA ratings are no where near the same zip code.

James said...

True indeed.. Charles in the halftime report probably outdoes the nhl all on his own..

gettinggrumpierbytheminute said...

Well, here's the deal ... why do all you attention-seeking types persist in thinking that Spurs fans should care whether you find their team boring or not? Other than just liking to whine, why keep on with this tedious old routine? Do you seriously think the best team in basketball today is going to hang its collective head and play poorly so silly scriblers and talking heads will have more "exciting" teams to natter about in the playoffs? You can hardly think that will happen, so why the constant puling and mewling on this same old theme?

Now THAT'S what I caall BORING.

fullcourt said...

Here's the deal. I'm not writing for the Spurs fans. So why do you, an attention-seeking type, persist in thinking that I care that you don't care? I care for the over-all pleasure of the NBA fans. Do you seriously think that I will hang my collective head and talk more Spurs-ball so that silly die-hard-Spurs-fans-who-think-that-the-world-revolves-around-them will feel better about themselves and their team? I don't think so. I suggest you just move on and enjoy your 4th title in 9 years. Let's leave it at that.