Tuesday, May 15

More on The MVP Issue

Geez, people should stop taking the words 'Most Valuable Player' too literally. The NBA should change the name of the award to prevent idiotic comments and rants about who is "the most valuable player to his team".

Everyone talks about Kobe, sure, he's great, he's awesome, he's unstoppable, he's the face of the NBA, he's jaw-dropping, he's a tremendous player, but would you give the MVP to a player who led his team to the.... 7th seed? People say that the Lakers are a lottery team if it were not for Kobe; thus, making him MOST VALUABLE to his team.

Some say that Nash and Dirk shouldn't have won because they have great supporting cast. If that's how it is, then why shouldn't Dwight Howard be MVP? The Magic are absolutely lottery without him. How about Pau Gasol? He certainly is valuable, since Memphis would only win 5 games out of 82 if he were not playing, resulting in zero ticket sales for the franchise. That's what I call valuable! Vince Carter? Kidd? Richard Jefferson? MVP? Take out one out of the 'big three' and they're a lottery team.

Taking the words 'Most Valuable Player' too literally only gives awards to stars on mediocre teams. We already have the 'Coach of the Year' award for that to glorify mediocre teams, now you want to take the MVP away from successful players leading successful teams. MVP should be given to the best player while also leading and elevating his own team to the elite: Dirk, Nash, Duncan are some. Boozer can be a candidate. That is all.

Kobe is NOT the MVP.

Here are some of what Dirk had to say about his award:

About the loss to the Warriors:

"It was bad timing. We faced the hottest team at the wrong moment and they were riding a wave. They had to win a lot of games at the end of the season to get in and it carried over to the playoffs. We coasted at the end of the season and didn't have any big games. I think that might have hurt us. I have to give them all of the credit. They exploited our weaknesses. I'm going to see what we did wrong, see what I need to do to get better and try to improve for next season."

About joining best friend Steve Nash in the MVP class:

"That is definitely special. Once we first got to Dallas, nobody thought we could even be role players. We worked hard together. We'd come back to the gym to shoot, play one-on-one, play Horse and lift weights. We were always working on our game together. We both wanted to take the Mavs organization to another level. It really was a fun ride and I'm lucky to have been around him and to have met him. I'm proud to be in the same category as him. He's really special and I'm glad with everything he's accomplished with the Suns."

Go Warriors.

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