Friday, June 1

The King to World: "Kiss My Ass, Again"

Since sequels are the in thing now, I would like to take the pleasure to create one of my own; a sequel to the "LeBron James to World: Kiss My Ass". His last two games were tremendous, but nothing could have prepared the world of sports for what they had to witness tonight.

The King tells the world to kiss his ass, again.

I am going to eat my words now. You may watch if you would like to do so. All the predictions regarding the Pistons sweeping the Cavaliers and steam-rolling all over them, down my throat. Everything I said about how worthless Cleveland was especially in the pathetic Eastern Conference Semi-Finals, already inside my gastric chambers. I still think 'The King' is a one-man-team, but I am beginning to chew the thought; and in the process of thinking whether to swallow it or not. About how the East was a slumber party, already in my intestines. The East is now must-see basketball, I can vouch for that. My bad, to Cavalier fans and the Cleveland Cavaliers themselves, save for Larry Hughes. That was the greatest game in this playoffs I have ever witnessed. After countless games of heavy-eyed watching, this is one where I couldn't let my eyes wink for a second. The playoffs have been saved. This is just the SECOND overtime game this whole playoffs, but it was certainly well worth the wait. Come on, double overtime. A classic playoff game. It is one for the ages.

Down 7 with a little more than 3 minutes to go in regulation, LeBron James shook his head. He had had enough. A burning aura started to emit from around his body and immense heat pulsated rapidly throughout all his veins. Then, for the moment, everything disappeared. The crowd, the sounds, the distractions, the referees, and most importantly, the Pistons disappeared. He was playing one-on-one with himself. It was his court. He was playing under his own rules. And he was playing his game, LeBron James basketball. He lifted his head as his eyes grew deep and turned pitch black. His muscles suddenly grew ripped out of proportion as he felt his strength and quickness multiply a hundred fold. Through all the pulsating energy, LeBron James could just give a sigh; and said, "Dear world, please kiss my ass, again". He drove to the basket and started things off with a simple lay-up. He would then continue to go off for 27 of the last 28 points of the Cavaliers. The brightest moment coming in with a little more than a minute to go in the last overtime, where the Pistons were up by 3 points: LeBron James took it upon himself to take and make a 3-pointer to tie the game. After trading a few missed shots (you've got to love Varejao, great guy), it was the moment everyone in the world had been waiting for. Cavaliers possession, with 11 seconds to go in the game and the score tied at 107; everyone in the building knew who was going to hold the ball for the last shot, the Pistons, the crowd, the coaches, the staffs, the referees, the analysts, the cats, the dogs, the ants, the beer, everybody and everything. True enough, it was LeBron James: He drove to the rim, against all odds; he didn't care if there were a million Pistons around him, it was his time. Boom. Game-winning basket. I'll see you in Cleveland.

109-107 Cleveland. I am now a believer.

I just want to repeat what everybody already knows, because I am sure it sounds so good in the ears and looks so good through the eyes. James scored ALL the Cavaliers' 18 points in both overtimes, including the Cavaliers' LAST 25 points; not to mention the last 29 out of the 30 points of the Cavaliers. It is hard to fathom what had just transpired. LeBron James devoured the Detroit Pistons, ON THE ROAD. This guy is something. The Cavaliers have something special here. It is a shame we had to witness awful basketball games from the Cavaliers in the first two rounds; but hey, you need healthy competition to be able to show your true skill. That was one of the greatest individual performances in NBA playoff history. I am in awe.

LeBron James was AMAZING. I can find no other word in the dictionary that can describe LeBron James tonight. Help please? Tremendous? Stupendous? Jaw-dropping? Awesome? Marvelous? How about adding all the words together? Would that be enough? I am speechless. That was reminiscent of Michael Jordan scoring 63 points against the Boston Celtics back in '86; where the only difference lies in that Jordan scored 15 more points than James, but James won the game. I understand we can't compare the Detroit Pistons to the Boston Celtics; after all, the Detroit Pistons are finally showing how bad of a basketball team they are without Ben Wallace. Sure, the Pistons did snatch 1st seed in the East, but that was because of Chris Webber's re-emergence as a basketball player; however, it seems that Webber is a fluke, and the Detroit Pistons are back to their old ways. What would you expect from a guy that would throw a championship away for some cash? Nothing. Given the case, you also can't expect to compare the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Chicago Bulls. Well, whatever the case is: Move over Detroit Pistons, LeBron James is taking East's 1st seed.

LeBron James: 48 points, 7 assists, 9 rebounds, 2 steals, 50 minutes, 22 years old.

I salute you, LeBron James.


Andy W said...

i can't believe i actually fell asleep and woke up to see the last shot. damn games @10pm in Argentina!

Anonymous said...

beautifully written, brought tears, i love lebron

Anonymous said...

Detroit my have Prince but Cleveland has the KING

Anonymous said...

I was shocked. Really. What happened to the Detroit defense? It was 1 on 5. Did they do it on purpose? What the hell?