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2007 NBA Mock Draft

With only 2 days remaining before one of the most speculated NBA Draft in recent memory, Full Court would like to create its very own mock draft projecting who would, could, and should be drafted by the first 8 teams on the June 28 draft and why. Unorthodox as it may seem, it will try to predict the draft picks coming from an Average Joe's perspective with the privilege of not having the pressure of the media, fans, hype, and the entire world on its back; only common sense, if any one would actually like to consider it as common sense.

Good evening ladies, gentlemen, and others. Welcome to the 2007 Full Court NBA Draft. Each team will be given 2 seconds before each of their picks to finalize their draft pick; after which will submit their final choice to Full Court mop boy Stu Jackson, who will then relay the information to Full Court's official ass kisser David Stern for the official and final announcement on stage. Drafted players will be presented with their $1.50 team balls as they properly smile and raise their fingers indicating their position in the draft in front of the lovely cameras. Draft picks above the 10th pick will have to find their own way to indicate their position; it's their problem for not being good enough to be selected in the top 10. After the hour-long photo shoot, the player is to be interviewed by Full Court's official spokesperson Elisha Cuthbert for thoughts and emotions. To all fans, non-fans, and other NBA watchers, enjoy the show.

With the 1st overall pick, The Portland Trailblazers select: Kevin Durant

Yes, obviously this sounds stupid especially with the fact that it goes against the other million mock drafts; but with a very speculative and close-called top 2 draft picks, space must be made for consideration. Full Court has already stated reasons as to why Kevin Durant is a better fit for the Portland Trailblazers overall, and added to that is the possible evolution of the game for years to come. Think of the future.

Who the Portland Trailblazers will REALLY pick: Greg Oden

With the 2nd overall pick, The Seattle Supersonics select: Greg Oden

With his other half gone, Scarface is only left with the other part of his face to be selected. Greg Oden will be a good fit for the Sonics in many ways. One of which is the fact that Oden will provide an inside presence on both the offensive and defensive side of the floor for the Sonics. Sure they have Chris Wilcox, but all he has to do now is channel all his energy on rebounding and harassing the hell out of his man. In a major possible turn of events, the arrival of "the next Bill Russell" might prompt Rashard Lewis to march his way back into the Sonics. That should make things quite interesting.

Who the Seattle Supersonics will REALLY pick: Kevin Durant

With the 3rd overall pick, The Atlanta Hawks select: the ghost of Albert Einstein, so he can tell the Hawks to select Mike Conley Jr.

This pick should be a no-brainer. The Atlanta Hawks have been in dire need of a point guard for the past 200 years, and year after year they pass up on great choices; there's Deron Williams and Chris Paul to name a few. This year, they have a chance to pick a young and talented guard with nuts of steel and the makings of Chris Paul or Tony Parker. Then again, knowing the Hawks: they'd probably pass gas on this once more. Marvin Williams is fine, but the same can't be said regarding Josh Childress, Shelden Williams, or trading Pau Gasol for Shareef Abdur-Raheem. Forward overload here we come.

Who the Atlanta Hawks will REALLY pick: Al Horford

With the 4th overall pick, The Memphis Grizzlies select: Joakim Noah's hair

It is definitely hard to decide as to what the Grizzlies need right now. Their team seems to still be feeling the effects of blowing up their playoff-caliber lineup for aging veterans. Tossing Jason Williams and James Posey and acquiring Eddie Jones and Damon Stoudemire to name a few senior players. What is given however, is what the Grizzlies don't need. The Grizzlies don't need another bust of a player that will push they superstar, Gasol, into either insanity or to playing for another state. In another perspective, the Grizzlies also don't need another low-post player clogging up the offensive end for Gasol. Joakim Noah's hair, which comes in a package with Joakim Noah himself (what a deal!), will provide defense and defense and defense. In addition to the distraction and harassment that the hair will commit against opposing players, like poking them in the eye, Joakim Noah himself will be a formidable one-on-one defender. Hey, if you don't know which way to go, just go defense.

Who the Memphis Grizzlies will REALLY pick: Mike Conley Jr.

With the 5th overall pick, The Boston Celtics select: Yi Jianlian

The 'ol green Irish luck never really was on the Celtics' side this season. They poured in all the gasoline and aggravated the solution, but it never really came out as they expected. Once the Boston Celtics were denounced as the 5th picker, all the hard work of Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge were flushed down the drain. So much for getting the contract extension's worth, at least Doc Rivers is happy. The Celtics look fine, which holds the extremely pathetic season questionable: Al Jefferson is a monster in the paint, and Paul Pierce is still Paul Pierce. Yi Jianlian can be the man in the middle for the Celtics. Steer clear when Al Jefferson pilots the post, then rebound, block, and play from the triple-threat when possible. A soft young man with plenty of potential.

Who the Boston Celtics will REALLY pick: Yi Jianlian

With the 6th overall pick, The Milwaukee Bucks select: Spencer Hawes

With the gang of Eric Foreman being one of the only few things Wisconsin had to be proud of in the recent year, it is a shame to see such great potential go down in flames in the form of the Milwaukee Bucks. What fan-base would not be proud to see Mo Williams, Michael Redd, Bobby Simmons, Charlie Villanueva, and some dude named Andrew, play together? Actually, that was the main issue in the past season. They never really played altogether. Their season was derailed by injuries. "Derailed", meaning dismantled, destroyed, disintegrate, and beat into a pulp of uselessness. The Bucks weren't really so lucky getting the top pick in the draft a few years ago: they settled for Andrew Bogut, while this year's top picker will have a guaranteed 180 degree turn in the next few years. With most of the Bucks starting five being well-known work horses, the best idea is to add another person to bump and grind down low along with some low-post firepower. They say never to trust a white-boy playing the big-man's role but with the scarcity of centers, Spencer Hawes is the man.

Who the Milwaukee Bucks will REALLY pick: Jeff Green

With the 7th overall pick, The Minnesota Timberwolves select: Corey Brewer

Is Kevin Garnett moving? Nobody knows. Questions and rumors have been circulating ever since KG and the Wolves started tripping over themselves, but no action seems to have taken place just yet. Assuming Kevin Garnett will remain with the Wolves, and assuming that Kevin McHale will still refuse to take any action in getting KG any help at all, Corey Brewer is the man. The Wolves seem to lack everything. Their center lives off perimeter shots, and their shooting guard, even though efficient at times, is just awful in an unexplainable way. The shipping of their half-decent point guard forebodes the coming of new blood, unless the Wolves would like to stick with Marko Jaric running the team; I think not. Corey Brewer will provide the Wolves with skill, gut, and ethic, the same way Josh Howard does the Mavericks. The least they can do is to put at least one winner around KG.

Who the Minnesota Timberwolves will REALLY pick: Joakim Noah

With the 8th overall pick, the Charlotte Bobcats select: Jeff Green

Jeff Green decided not to go back to G-Town with his buddy Roy Hibbert, and he might regret it. Then again, the high prospect for this year's draft might not as well. Admit it, no matter how lowly they seem now, the Charlotte Bobcats are emerging youngsters trying to take their space in the NBA elite. The expected-injuries that hampered Emeka Okafor didn't help them one bit last season, but the up-coming season is a different story. Gerald Wallace could possibly be gone, but the departure of the human-rocket-ship shouldn't dampen Bobcat fans' hopes. Brevin Knight is a great, but usually forgotten point guard, and Walter Herrmann was just spectacular towards last season's end. Adam Morrison should also be in the scope after being regarded to as one huge bust, will it be the comeback of the year or an even deeper sophomore slump? Jeff Green might not be able to replace what Gerald Wallace provide for the Bobcats, but he can add a whole new dimension as well as help Okafor down low.

Who the Charlotte Bobcats will REALLY pick: Corey Brewer

There you have it. It was long, it was tiring, and it wasn't the complete 14. Why? I'm sure most of everyone would already have their eyes half-closed by the time they reach the 6th pick. Anyway, if I get all my 8 picks right come June 28, I am sending $1 to each and every one of my loyal readers. Thank you all for your time.

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