Tuesday, June 5

Paris Hilton Behind Bars

I'd like to pause on the basketball talk just for this one post.
Even in mugshots, you need to put on make-up.

Paris Hilton has finally started her jail-sentence, and was put under the "special needs" unit for people with "special needs". I didn't know that being blond, owning a couple of million dollars, and being a whiny-ass princess who couldn't bend over to pick up a spoon, wipe her own ass, nor add 6 and 9 together, could earn you special treatment in a facility that houses human law-breakers and criminals all the same; but I guess Paris Hilton isn't human.

It's all a scam anyway. Paris Hilton is set to make another couple gazillion dollars from her on-going diary about her time behind bars. I wouldn't be surprised though if she gets both her molars knocked in her throat.

Now, back to NBA Talk!

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