Tuesday, June 12

Should LeBron Miss The Birth of His Child?

All's well that ends well. The mini-issue regarding LeBron James and the birth of his child has been gaining a little fire in the past days as the day of labor slowly approaches. LeBron's second kid is scheduled to be born at the same day the Cleveland Cavaliers face the San Antonio Spurs in a if-necessary Game 5; so the question that lit up in the sky was: Will LeBron be with his child at birth and miss the game, or will he miss the birth of his kid and attend the game instead? Scenarios have already built up in the past weeks, some of which include LeBron James playing Game 5 and having to settle for sleeping on the couch for a few days. One good alternative, which requires a bit of luck on LeBron's side, would be if the kid was born before or after the game; which would allow him to attend the birth of his child and play in Game 5 as well.

It's a dilemma, but LeBron James has already taken a stand that he won't miss Game 5. Come on, this is his first, and possibly last, NBA Finals appearance in his very young, yet illustrious, career. Looking from LeBron's perspective, think about it: seeing the birth of your child is self-gratifying, and nothing quite more. It would mean a lot to have the whole family intact for the precious moment where the baby-as-big-as-a-watermelon pops out of the mother's vagina because there is probably no other experience like it, but I doubt the baby him/herself would even remember the moment. Like I said, it's all self-gratitude. In addition to that, the whole world of basketball and sports, including David Stern who is clinging to LeBron James to haul in some ratings for the pathetic NBA Finals, would go crazy and riot outside the hospital.

On the flip-note, I don't really know the feeling because I am not a parent yet, but that's my take as of now. I'm sure a billion parents would disagree and tell LeBron James to stop thinking about his damn self and be there for his family as they officially, and naturally, welcome a new member to the athletically-superior-James family. Besides, LeBron still has around 15 more years left in his career; that's 15 more chances to win a title. If you think about it, the Cavaliers have a snowball-in-hell chance of winning this thing this year; so why pass up on the birth of your kid for utter disappointment and dismay. Concede and take the safe way out, it's the smartest decision ever. At least he'll be happy in the surgery room, and he can always say that the Cavs lost because he was absent for Game 5. That should damage the Spurs' pride a bit, and save LeBron from pouring tears and sleepless nights.

In conclusion, LeBron James should just go see his loving-girlfriend and watch her toss, turn, and scream as she squeezes the infant out from between her legs, like a good father should. People generally believe that the human being is naturally morally-horrendous, but I believe that that isn't quite true: I'm sure most of everybody, including me, would understand if LeBron would miss Game 5 to see his second kid change from blue to flesh as fresh oxygen permeates the baby's nose after spending the last nine months inhaling organic-odor.

Congratulations on your second kid LBJ. There won't be a Game 5 anyway; so I don't really see the sense in all of this talk.


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