Sunday, June 17

Throw Down: Reel #2

10 days and counting until the greatest, on the positive note, thing to happen for the Portland Trailblazers in over a decade, and Kevin Pritchard says that he still doesn't know; and the world probably has its share of cheers and tips for Blazer's General Manager. The fact of the matter is, Kevin Pritchard has already made up his mind. They say patience is a virtue; but in truth, silence is the greatest virtue of all if ever a single soul even considers it as one. In the LeBron James lottery, there wasn't a single Cavalier front-office personnel that actually announced a month beforehand that it was a hundred percent LeBron James all the way. They just smiled with devilish grins as they held the #1 draft pick in their hands, knowing that they had indeed won the lottery of the decade. They tried to be subtle by throwing the words "we'll see," every too often, but the world knew it was James right then and there with no regards to the emergence of Carmelo Anthony in the NCAA tournament. The situation presents itself once again this year, but to a new black, red, and white team; and although the world isn't so sure this time as to who the Blazers will draft, it is evident that Kevin Pritchard was assured of himself one-month beforehand.

Throw Down: Reel #2

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