Tuesday, June 26

Today in NBA History

I would like to introduce everyone to a new segment of my show: 'Today in NBA History'; which will feature all and every highlight news that had happened on this same day in history. Birthdays, drafts, brawls, scandals, the Simpsons, trades, and any other happenings. 'Today in NBA History' will appear every single day from today save for weekends or lazy days unless history is too good to pass up for that day. Feel free to point out erroneous or additional information.

June 26 in NBA History:

1991: Charlotte Hornets select Larry Johnson as the 1991 NBA Draft 1st overall pick.

Being a Pacers fan for over a decade, only one team and one name pops out in the air when the 90s Pacers-playoffs campaign hits the waves: Larry Johnson. Larry Johnson had torched the Pacers for quite a number of times, with the highlight coming in the form of the infamous four-point-play game-winner in the 1999 NBA Playoffs. Curses.

1962: The birth of forward Jerome Kersey.

Jerome Kersey may be best known for his long years of service for the Portland Trailblazers. After being drafted late in the second-round, he became one of the few second-round bust-outers although never really reached the peak as high as Carlos Boozer or Gilbert Arenas has in the present age. He also came up 2nd behind Michael "Kiss the Rim" Jordan in the 1988 Slam Dunk Competition.

Enjoy your piece of history.

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Oh man, Jerome Kersey. Good Times!