Friday, June 1

Was Antonio McDyess Always Like This?

Cheap shot here, cheap shot there. Was Antonio McDyess always like this? As far as I can remember, Antonio McDyess was a class act. He would always keep his mouth shut and do his job. Who taught him to start throwing knuckles and elbows? He almost took Varejao's head off tonight, something that in turn hurt his team more than it hurt Varejao physically. Not to mention a few shots to a few other Cavalier players before he got ejected. The video above is also neat. I admire Kevin Garnett standing-up for his teammate, although he back-pedaled like a girl. Let's just put it this way, KG stood-up for his teammate, which is something rare right now: getting pissed to the point that he actually started the fight for his teammate(Mark Madsen), usually they just run in when the going starts getting rough. On the other hand, he back-pedaled like Carmelo Anthony's cheap-shot-run-like-hell stunt. Let's just say they cancel each other out and leave it at that.

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