Wednesday, June 6

Why LeBron James Deserves To Win The Title

Everyone's predicting a Spurs steam-roller running all over LeBron James and the Cavaliers this coming Thursday, but I beg to differ. This video is the exact reason why LeBron James needs to make the series interesting, or better yet, win the Championship: so he can do more foolishness like this video right here.

If I told you to picture LeBron James sporting a high-pitched voice while singing and dancing to the beat of "Staying Alive", would you actually believe it to happen? Well, it just did.

Enjoy the video.

Cavs win the Championship 4-0 just for this video alone. In my dreams.

In case you missed it, here's Dirk Nowitzki doing the same stupid thing.


Mike said...

NBA players are queer!

Yardbarker Jeff said...

That performance is worth at least one game unless I find a video on YouTube of Tim Duncan singing along to "More Than a Woman."