Sunday, June 17

Greg Oden: Hormones of a Monkey

I know it. You know it. The nation knows it. The whole world damn well knows it.

Greg Oden recently came from an Indiana Fever game when the Fever girls went up against Diana Taurasi and the Phoenix Mercury, and lost, sadly; but as luck seems faint for all basketball fanatics, Greg Oden bounces in and rewards avid-readers with a blog post that may send Gilbert Arenas a run for his money as Greg Oden may be the new force in the NBA Blogging world once he steps his gigantic feet into the league next season. To save everyone from the agony of reading the articulatory skills of a high school basketball phenomenon who had a sure short in the world's most professional (and high-paying) league ever since he was in his 5-feet-wide diapers, here are all the highlights from his recent blog post:

"The game was exciting but it got 10 x's better when Tamika Catchings and Diana Taurasi got very aggressive with each other. I got really into the game then. Those two are very good."

"I got the chance to meet the Seattle Storm and couple of the Fever girls a couple of nights ago. They were all cool as heck, it was my pleasure to be in the same room and just converse with those ladies"

"Ron Artest was also there with his wife and i got to say hi to him, he is a nice guy."

Really Greg, the world loves you. It's no shocker that Greg Oden loves the ladies and he's not shy of screaming it out to the rest of the world, but the whole bit about Ron Artest is kind of a bit off. Oh fine, maybe he really is a nice guy, once his estrogen levels stabilizes and everyone forgets of the term 'domestic violence' and completely accepts the culture related to it. Aside from single-handedly sabotaging a championship-contending franchise a decade in the making; well, I guess Ron Artest is a nice guy, I think. Putting that aside, Greg Oden is a barrel of laughs. Expect more of this once he finally lives in the fast-lane this coming NBA season, heads up everybody. Like I said, Greg Oden has the hormones of a monkey.

If anyone decides to bear with Greg Oden, his short yet official blog post may be seen here.

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