Saturday, June 2

And All The King's Men

Detroit Pistons 82 @ Cleveland Cavaliers 98 (Thrashed)

In one of the most unexpected turn of events in this year's NBA Playoffs, the Cleveland Cavaliers are heading to the NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history! The Cleveland Cavaliers are led by 'The King', LeBron James, as he was once again spectacular in tonight's game despite a very cold shooting night. He shot 3-11 FGs, but made up for it by making 14-19 FTs to go along with 14 rebounds and 8 assists. The world was supposed to be in for another nail-biting finish after 3 quarters, but the Cavaliers destroyed the Detroit Pistons in the 4th quarter. It is hard to accept what the Cavaliers have achieved mainly because it was largely unexpected; and to consider the fact that their road to the Eastern Conference Finals was a walk in the park. However, ending the series on such a high note speaks for itself and makes up for all the criticism and doubts, as LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the heavily-favored 1st seeded Detroit Pistons. Now, they are in the NBA Finals and face their greatest adversary yet of the playoffs: The San Antonio Spurs.

When Rasheed Wallace was ejected with his 7th technical foul of the playoffs, Steve Kerr (or Doug Collins, they sound alike) had to fret for 'Sheed's availability for Game 7 because 7 technicals means suspension, in other words, no 'Sheed for Game 7. Sorry to burst your bubble, but there will be no Game 7. I think tonight was the last game of Steve Kerr for TNT; We will miss you Steve. Good luck.

All The King's Men

I said it about a million times during the past few weeks, and I strongly believed it with all my heart, that the Cleveland Cavaliers was a one-man-team. There was one moment though, narrated in one of my posts, when I believed that there was a possibility that things could change and LeBron did have some legitimate help. And although LeBron still needed to play almost the entire game to keep the plays intact tonight, that bright light illuminated all doubts and speculations regarding LeBron's teammates. One game after beating the Detroit Pistons 1-on-5, LeBron finally got big help from his teammates tonight and got extremely better results in the end. There are two players I would like to commend: Daniel Gibson and Anderson Varejao.

Wait a minute, I forgot my favorite phrase; something I still believe in when talking about the contribution of LeBron's teammates: "Save for Larry Hughes". Jeez. That guy is hopeless.

Daniel Gibson

I still can't believe why a guy like Gibson would be nicknamed "Boobie", but it doesn't matter. He can call himself whatever it is he wants to be called, as long as he plays the way he has played this whole series. Gibson was just great this series; added the huge exclamation point tonight on the statement he has been making all series long. Daniel Gibson scored a career-high, and more importantly team-high, 31 points while shooting 5-5 3pt FGs for tonight's win. Not only that, he is impeccable at the free-throw line. I think we're seeing a scorer in the making. I said it once and I would like to say it again, these are the games that make careers for second-round picks; and Daniel Gibson has just been spectacular this whole series. Finally, the Cleveland Cavaliers might have found the perfect scoring complement for LeBron James, and his name is "Boobie". Give him a year or two and he'll be up there with Carlos Boozer, Gilbert Arenas, and Michael Redd, to name a few break-out second-rounders who were lucky enough to get ample opportunities to shut the world up. I guess this means Larry Hughes is on his way out this off-season; any takers? None. Just as I thought.

Daniel Gibson last 4 games: 18 ppg, 60% 3pt FGs.

Anderson Varejao

I like this guy. He was just great in all the games this series, counting even the losses. He keeps the energy flowing for the team and he rebounds and blocks like a pogo-stick gone mad. I'm starting to wonder whether Anderson Varejao and Joakim Noah are related; but that's another story. He could be the best rebounder and blocker of the team, if given enough playing time; not to mention his scrappy defense underneath. He cuts well and takes the ball strong to the hoop especially once he gains momentum on the drive. Plus, his hair adds intimidation which increases Varejao's confidence five times; and confidence plays a huge role in performance. I'm also quite sure that some of the players who have matched-up with Varejao in the past choked on his hair one way or another. Another important aspect that a lot of people hate, yet a lot of people love: Anderson Varejao is a great flopper. He drew a lot of offensive fouls tonight; it ruined momentum for the Detroit Pistons and gave extra opportunities for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Nice move. Statistics aren't enough to express how much of an impact Varejao makes for the team; especially tonight.

Anderson Varejao for the series: 7.6 ppg, 6.2 rpg, 10 million drawn charges.

I can't believe my eyes. Although not quite a lot, but still a breath of fresh air compared to the past, LeBron James has help. We all ranted with all our minds about how boring the Spurs are, but in the NBA Finals, things change. The NBA Finals is now must-watch; and the Spurs is now the evil army holding firm to the throne as The King leads his banner of knights to try to once and for all overthrow the darkness from the land.

Four days to Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Four days until the final battle. Start popping those corns and icing those teas. We are in for a slobber-knocker.

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