Saturday, June 30

NBA Draft Rewind

The NBA Draft had its share of winners and losers, and the zillion citizens of Earth are debating about it day in and day out without paying heed to their breath. The truth is, no one will really know until the season rolls on and we see Greg Oden breaking backboards or when (not if) we see Kevin Durant shockingly shooting 45% from half-court shots.

True enough we can only be so sure as to who the winners and losers are in this present moment, and the players aren't it. How about Dick Vitale, Ric Bucher, Chris Mullin, and a handful of other freakazoids roaming the worldwide sports network? Open your fly, and get ready to pee your pants, despite your fly already being open.

The ugly NBA Draft Rewind [The Sports Hernia]

Dick Vitale should shave his arms.


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