Wednesday, June 20

Throw Down: Reel #3

It looks like the experiment is still reeling. The Sacramento Kings continue to immensely search for the perfect coach to replace the long-gone Rick Adelman by appointing former-King Reggie Theus to replace the bust-of-a-coach Eric Musselman. Well, it shouldn't be too hard to find a coach to manage a how-the-hell center in the sloppy Brad Miller, or "the" Ron Artest who just might knock out a fan and announce retirement the next day only to take it back two hours later and ask for a trade instead but take it back again and punch a fan again and announce retirement once again the following day to promote his own version of the backstreet boyzone. Not feeling any pity for Mike Bibby becomes an impossible task for any Kings-fan right now, but life is life. It truly is hard, but once the right coach comes along and is able to control this bunch of oddities plus a few more missing pieces in the line-up, the Kings will be fine. It would have been nice to hear Larry Brown's name right beside Ron Artest, but it was too good to be true. Nevertheless, Reggie Theus did such a good job coaching a mixed-gender high school basketball team (Hang Time) that he probably swooned the Maloofs into hiring him over everybody else.

Throw Down: Reel #3

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Anonymous said...

That chick has too many moles/birthmarks on her body. may I suggest you use Eva Mendez?

fullcourt said...

My theme is cheerleaders, but thanks. Unless Eva Mendez ever played a cheerleader, then that would be great. Thanks.