Wednesday, June 13

Re-Modeling The NBA Playoffs

With one of the most lopsided Finals in NBA history, it makes one ponder of the positive and negative effects of having such a series be featured as the main event for the world's most popular league. Speaking of the negatives, here are some: the Finals is not as interesting as the Western Conference Finals, nor the Western Conference Semi-Finals; and throw in the rest of the playoff series in the mix, the Finals is not at all interesting at this point. The Finals has been predicted, right on the spot might I say, more than a month ago. It's a catastrophe. On the positive note, there aren't really any.

So what's the sure-fire solution for these kinds of abominations? 100% Injury Rate has come up with a simple, so simple that I don't know why a majority of the people haven't thought of this, yet very brilliant playoff seeding that will turn up some playoff MoJo. Very brilliant indeed.

The 16 playoff teams will be seeded into one huge conference where the top seed would be #1 (Duh?) and the lowest seed will fall on #16. The 1st seed will face the 16th seed; the 2nd seed will face the 15th seed; and so on. If you ask me, this is a 99.9% chance of having fun, exciting, and interesting playoff match-ups. It would provide playoff series that would get more interesting and time-worthy to watch as the playoffs go on. In contrast to the current playoffs, where the most entertaining match-ups fall on the middle of the playoffs, and don't really become time-worthy in the biggest stage of them all.

The only predicament I'm seeing here is that the respective conferences lose their worth; save for the traveling, regular season match-ups, and any other thing that has to do with scheduling. One more use I can think of is tie-breakers when seeding in the top 16, but that could occur only minimally. Aside from that, the divisions become quite useless.

In conclusion however, this seeding is just brilliant. The NBA Finals will become the most interesting match-up of all, since it's projected to be a battle of the top 2 teams in the league. There are few setbacks like the loss of worth of divisions, but it's a minimal thing that can be adjusted to create a very intense and time-worthy playoffs to watch.

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