Saturday, June 16

Throw Down: Reel #1

With the off-season officially starting today, all eyes shift to one of the biggest events in any NBA season's year: The NBA Draft. One team in particular stood out in draft-lottery day other than the Portland Trailblazers, and that was the Boston Celtics. It was a turn-of-history 19-years in the making with the ultimate chance to get either one of the prospected superstars of the next decade. The world feast their eyes as the countdown went lower and lower in number. The Celtic-fans were getting ready to rejoice, as was Danny Ainge as he was sitting at the edge of his seat. Tenth pick.. Ninth pick.. Eighth pick.. Seventh pick.. Sixth pick.. Fifth pick goes to.. the Boston Celtics. And everyone who had once held their breath released all hopes for the near future. All their hopes and dreams for either Durant or Oden were flushed down the toilet. It looks like the Celtic-franchise is going to need to wait for another decade to try and pick up a miracle. The same miracles they held in Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, and Robert Parish only to name a very few highlight names. Whatever happened to the Good 'Ol Days? Well, they got old. The only question that remains is when will the Boston Celtics ever regain basketball supremacy. Not anytime soon I guess.

Throw Down: Reel #1.

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