Friday, June 29

Today in NBA History: June 29

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June 29 in NBA History:

1982: The Boston Celtics honored paralyzed Indiana University star Landon Turner by drafting him in the 10th round of the NBA Draft. Turner, who was a starter in the 1981 Indiana team that won the NCAA Championship, was paralyzed chest-down on July 5, 1981 in a car accident prior to his senior year in college. Truly a class act by the Boston Celtics, and Turner must have felt very proud of himself. Despite being dispensable, the draft pick was used to its fullest potential and more than anyone could have ever deemed it possible. Turner has written a book, Landon Turner's Tales from the 1980-81 Indiana Hoosiers.

1994: The Milwaukee Bucks selected Glenn Robinson as the first overall pick. Many remember Glenn Robinson as the 'Big Dog', and many remember him catapulting the Milwaukee Bucks into the East's elite alongside Ray Allen and Sam Cassell. Robinson would always shut up and play the game of basketball, even after he was being ricocheted by teams back and forth when his body was starting to wear and tear. Big Dog got his big break after he was picked up by the 2005 San Antonio Spurs Championship Team, a reward for all the hard work and dedication he has devoted into the NBA.

1994: The Dallas Mavericks selected Jason Kidd with the second overall pick after Glenn Robinson. Now regarded to as one of the best point guards to ever play the game, Jason Kidd will always be remembered for the blooper of a guarantee he gave upon being drafted by the lowly-Mavericks of that time. Jason Kidd said, "We're going to turn his team around 360 degrees". For everyone's consideration, Kidd stated that he would turn the losing-Mavericks 360 degrees around, meaning they would still be facing in the same direction: losing. In contrast to Kidd's guarantee of a 360 degree turn, he helped the Mavericks turn 180 degrees into the winning side; along with every other franchise he has become a part of in his illustrious career, namely the Phoenix Suns and the New Jersey Nets.

1994: The Detroit Pistons selected Grant Hill with the third overall pick after Jason Kidd; what a deep draft class. Grant Hill had a very bright career ahead of him, especially entering the prime of his career when he was sent to the Orlando Magic to side with Tracy McGrady. Unfortunately from then on, Hill's career was derailed by nagging injuries. He played 67 games with the Magic in the 2004-05 season, after missing almost the entire first four years of his stint with the team; he would then go on to be a wild card because of recurring injuries in the following years up to the present, although not enough to sideline him like the first four no-show years with the team. Hill is married with R&B singer Tamia. Nice.

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