Friday, June 1

Will Kobe and O'Neal Be A Reality?

For the past few days, Kobe Bryant has kicked his estrogen into high gear and has gone on a rampage on all that is media about all that is Lakerish about the L.A. Lakers. So what can anyone do to appease his pain? Team him up with O'Neal. No, not him. Jermaine O'Neal! The Lakers and the Pacers reportedly have had some conversations regarding O'Neal's availability in the market. It could be rumors, it could be ground-breaking news, but it looks good on paper; considering Jermaine shares the same sentiments as Kobe. If it becomes a reality, maybe Kobe will finally take a chill before his brain cells finally melt down even before he hits his 30's. They might have to give up Odom, but so be it. Odom is a totally well-rounded player, but falls short on the 'inside-presence' thing. Jermaine O'Neal will be a force under the basket, both on the offensive and defensive side, and finally give the Lakers two go-to-guys. Plus, their uniforms look cool. Eat that.

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