Monday, June 4

King LeBronidas: The Dark God Deacan

King LeBronidas stared off into the horizon over the edge of a cliff on a mountain sitting on the coast of Cleveroth. He had been standing on the cliff all day pondering the future of his army as he gazed into their supposed destination.

"LeBronidas, you have been here all day," a voice suddenly appeared. "Is anything bothering you?"

"Elder Brawn, good day. I was only reflecting on our journey. It has only been days since the army and I had slain the Great Pistona, and tomorrow, we are off once more," answered the King hesitantly implying the details of his expressions.

"Tomorrow, we start our travel of two moons towards the land of Santaneas, and we will be in battle once more. It is hard for me to accept that my people can not even rest for an ample time," he added.

Elder Brawn walked towards the side of King LeBronidas in a slow pace, trying to gather his thoughts as he moved his feet one step at a time. He was quiet for awhile, as LeBronidas was waiting for a reply from the Elder whom had been a mentor of LeBronidas since he claimed the crown of Cleveroth. He did not show it, but he thought it in his mind. A few moments passed until Elder Brawn replied, "LeBronidas, you have led your people well. They will fight to the death for you, as you would for them in return. The journey may be long, and the roads might tire your bones, but when the moment comes, my friend, it is you whom the soldiers of Cleveroth will look upon for their strength."

"But Elder, I am not strong enough to take down the Santaneans, more so the Dark God Deacan himself!" retorted suddenly by LeBronidas as he clenched his fists in frustration and doubt.

The Santaneans are the darklings serving under the Dark God Deacon who ruled the river of flames, Santanea. The Santaneans were tall, dark, figures that were covered in black plate mails and wore on their heads hand-crafted iron helmets studded with ivory spikes; on their back were sheaths of humongous swords unusable by the normal man, the swords were of Santanean steel and wore the blood of a thousand men. By the Dark God Deacon's side were two Dark Knights who have been said to spread havoc through the lands with their amazing quickness and strength, no one seems to be able to stop them, and retreat was one's only chance of slim survival. For the past few moons, the Dark Knights have been leading the army of Santaneans to trample through the lands of Deenav and Fenix. The once-populated paradises are now barren wastelands that wreak of death and destruction. The Dark God only had one thing in his sight, and that was the Gem of Podoloff, the gem that contained supreme power. It is said that whoever claims it will rule the world of Nibeaea.

With all of the other world's leaders sulking in the defeat of their armies and the deaths of their elite soldiers, there was only LeBronidas' army that remained, and in turn, the only hope to defeat the Dark God and his evil plot to take over Nibeaea.

Pausing momentarily, Elder Brawn slowly put his arm around his once-pupil, "My friend, you are not alone. Always remember that the elite knights and soldiers of Cleveroth are along your side in battle. The whole of Cleveroth and I will be praying for your safety and victory. Believe in yourself as much as we believe in you," the Elder said to LeBronidas in a soft but reassuring tone that a mentor gives his pupil.

LeBronidas slowly turned away, and walked back towards the village without a word.

Elder Brawn could only look back at him as he whispered to himself, "for Nibeaea and humankind, LeBronidas, we pray for your victory."

The following day, King LeBronidas and his army stood at Cleveroth's main square, as their friends, families, and all the other citizens bid them farewell and the best of luck. LeBronidas mounted his horse, as did all the other soldiers, and raised his sword to the direction of the people.

"For Nibeaea, in Cleveroth's name!" he exclaimed.

He sheathed his sword, and slowly rode off to the city's gates followed by his army. It was the beginning of their two day trip to Santanea to invade the Dark God and his army. They did not know what was in for them in their journey, but they had no choice. They were Nibeaea's one and only hope.

It was either victory, death, or decay.

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