Wednesday, June 13

If You Could Do It Differently

An interesting question raised by Complete Sports: If the lottery teams from last season look back to the draft a year ago and examine how their season unfolded, would they have drafted any differently? Complete Sports came up with their own version of the 2006 NBA Draft had the teams changed their picks, here are some of the picks:

1.) Toronto Raptors - Brandon Roy
2.) Chicago Bulls - LaMarcus Aldridge
3.) Charlotte Bobcats - Andrea Bargnani
4.) Portland Trailblazers - Tyrus Thomas
5.) Atlanta Hawks - Randy Foye

Read the rest of the picks and WHY, here.

I personally do not think that the Toronto Raptors should take Brandon Roy. Picking the best player in the draft as much as possible isn't what it's hyped up to be. It doesn't always work out so well. I think that has been the Atlanta Hawk's problem so far and is the same reason why they will not draft Mike Conley Jr. in the up-coming draft, someone they direly need, because of the mentality that the 3rd pick is too high for Conley to get drafted in. The media scares them, as well as they scare themselves; thus, they will pass on someone who has the ability to turn their season around next year and draft ANOTHER forward. Please not another underachieving power forward.

The Raptors already have too many decent point guards in the team, so TJ Ford and Brandon Roy will just be competing for ball possession; unless Roy accepts the fact that TJ runs the offense and he has to wait for plays to be drawn up for him instead. Bargnani was already a good pick, although LaMarcus Aldridge could have been better, minus the Parkinsons, because the Raptors are already overflowing in their perimeter game. Aldridge could have provided them with a monster in the paint; as Chris Bosh thrives more from the triple threat with jump shots and beating the defender off the dribble as opposed to posting up.


twins15 said...

Roy or Bargnani was a really tough call... I do think Roy is the better player now and in the future, and at the same time I'm sure the Raptors are very happy with Bargnani. Both are excellent... Really you can't go wrong there with Bargnani, Roy, or Aldridge.

Anonymous said...

Roy is a shooting guard, not a point guard. He may sometimes bring the ball up the court, but he's a 2.

As a Blazer fan, its nice having those top 2 guys playing for Portland. Thanks Danny Ainge!