Sunday, June 3

The Chris Webber Face

Sadly, I couldn't find a picture that captured those three precious seconds that caught Chris Webber thinking, "Aw crap, lost again. I'm never going to win a ring". The moment was strong enough to over-throw the Brady Quinn face. Well, not really, but I'd like to think so anyway. Chris Webber will once again go home in Conference Finals disappointment for the Nth time in his career. Will he ever win a title? As of now, it is highly unlikely.

One thing I can say though: playing in Sacramento was the best chance he ever had in capturing a ring, but it never materialized. All other years of Webber-basketball have all been nothing but a waste of time for him. Not even this year, when he was highly commended for fitting in nicely with the Pistons during mid-season, was any good. It was satisfactory, but not good. Sure, his addition helped leap-frog the Pistons to first place in the Eastern Conference. Otherwise, we'd have the Cavaliers or the Bulls as the first seed in the East. Even so, Detroit only had 3 more wins than 2nd place Cleveland in the regular season. When the playoffs came, Chris Webber was never really like his old self; old self in terms of his first few months in Detroit. He wasn't as good as advertised by the regular season. Thus, without Webber producing the way he did in the regular season, the Pistons went back to their pre-Webber performance: A playoff team that can never really go the distance. It's hard to say what happened to Chris Webber, save for saying that his legs and his heart have finally given up on him. The first few months were ecstasy, the Pistons kept on winning and they could barely lose: It sprung a rekindling of Webber's lost passion and intensity. However, like all good relationships, the excitement just drops little by little until passiveness takes over; only in Webber's case, the excitement lasted much much shorter. So when playoffs came, he was sloppy, and he was slow. He could have given it his all, and he did. He was decent in the series against the Cavs. The sad part is, his body just wouldn't budge. Good is all he could give, as the emotional intensity was lost; and there was nothing else he could do but feel sorry for himself. Maybe we can call it karma, for throwing that championship game back in Michigan, but we can never really judge the situation; the fact that still remains however, is that Chris Webber might NEVER ever catch a ring. Never ever in the NCAA, and just a little bit absolute in the NBA.

Thus, the 'Chris Webber Face'.

It's hard not to feel sorry for him; but he will always be one of those "been there, done that, but just never enough" players. Skill? He was great. Attitude? Maybe it is. Heart? Only in Sacramento. Tough luck.

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