Saturday, June 30

Technical Knock Out

With the NBA off-season's most exciting and awaited event, the NBA Draft, over with; the time has been slugging and crawling along one microsecond at a time. In other words, it has been SLoOoooOOooOoW. No vicious dunks nor nifty behind-the-back full court passes for some wicked alley-oops. So here's a video to help the NBA fans roll along the off-season.

I'd like to know what happened to the referee after the event, more so with the player. That was a really solid hit to the jaw, and in emphasis of that wicked smash to the face: just like in the movies, he went down really slow. Poor guy. Shaq should get his ass over there and make that dude run up his own ass.



J David said...

Damn... That was a hell of a hit. For the first time ever, I feel sorry for a ref.

Miami Heat Wired

nbabeats said...

Yeah. That guy is a jerk. I feel sorry for the ref also.